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Drumming aids mental health

How can drumming aid anxiety, depression and stress?

Studies have shown that drumming lowers both blood pressure and stress hormones. The active component of drumming helps reduce stress in a number of ways. It’s fun, it’s physical, and it’s a great diversion from other stress-filled activities. If you need to vent, what better way than to hit something?

Drumming is also meditative, inducing relaxed mental states that reduce anxiety and tension. Drumming combined with deep breathing and visualization techniques offers even more stress reduction benefits. “We know that stress takes a toll on the immune system,” says Ann Webster, PhD. “When you’re under stress, blood levels of stress hormones go up and your body is no longer able to make killer cells and other cells of the immune system in the amounts it normally would, and that can lead to disease progression. Reducing stress is very restorative. It gets the system back in balance.”

A recent medical research study indicates that drumming does boost the immune system. According to cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases cancer killing cells, which help the body fight cancer and other viruses.

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In the UK newspaper the Express, there is an interesting and comprehensive evidence on how drumming aids patients to fight depression. Read more HERE.

Weekly sessions on a drumkit reduced feelings of depression by 38 per cent, researchers found. As well as beating the blues, symptoms of anxiety fell 20 per cent while general mental wellbeing improved by 16 per cent. The Royal College of Music study saw 76 mental health service users take part in weekly drumming sessions for 10 weeks.

Feb. 9, 2001 -- Five years ago neurologist Barry Bittman didn't even know what a 'drum circle' was. He was attending a conference and had just given a presentation on laughter and immunity when a music therapist pulled him aside and asked him if he wanted to go to a drum circle. Bittman recalled giving her a kind of 'What are you talking about?' response -- but then followed her into a room where 600 health professionals were keeping rhythm. "I could literally feel the energy of the sound," he says. "[The vibrations] felt like an ancient ultrasound."There's something about the vibration. It's tricky, because I don't speak from a highly scientific background on this. But the vibration organizes the water in our bodies. Part of it is, I think, the water in our bodies is getting organized at the cellular level."

Read more research from Medical WebMD HERE

How can drumming aid children's mental health?

“Schools may be the easiest system to expose children to the benefits of drumming therapy. Research has shown that drumming is an effective way to increase the access of music therapy for children, citing the ease with which children approach drums with more curiosity and less fear than other musical instruments. As such, the benefits of a drumming program and classroom percussion instruments in schools can help with social, communication, academic, emotional, cognitive and even fine and gross motor impairments. Building social skills is an important part of school's unwritten curriculum. Children often learn through modeling skills and behaviors, from sharing toys or crayons to accepting and appreciating the differences in other students. Drumming provides a hand-on demonstration of how to work as a group, interact on an equal level and become a full part of the cooperative illustration that the myriad of drums can provide as students each add a unique voice to a collective song. Furthermore, these social skills help build self-confidence as well as a feeling of belonging among peers.”

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