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High School Incursions

African Drumming Incursions

Students absolutely love our African Drumming & Body Percussion incursions!
The drumming incursions are fun, exciting, educational, and therapeutic.
Areas covered include: African drumming, musicality, group bonding, leadership, mindfulness, resilience & celebration. Its heaps of fun & super high impact!
Led by our skilled facilitators, these sessions are designed to ignite the joy in children of every age group.
Its an incredibly effective way to engage, celebrate & inspire your students!

Some Feedback:
"...Kids were engaged throughout the whole lesson and the engagement, participation and excitement was consistent throughout the week. I've never had to do so little behaviour management in a program like this before! It was a dream.

I've never seen so much enthusiasm and passion! It was clear that they were happy to be there and the students could see that and responded to it really well.

Can't thank you enough for coming out - I'm still buzzing!"

~ Neil Druce | Deputy Principal


"Hi guys… Thanks so much for coming on Tuesday. The children absolutely loved it and have been talking about it a lot.  We have had other drumming shows but I have never really heard the feedback from the children like I did after your visit.

Everything went so smoothly and was really well organised. 

Thanks… have a great day!"

~ Selena | Kids Academy

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How it Works... 

Our school drumming incursions focus on fostering connections, creating fun experiences, nurturing musicality, promoting mindfulness, and unleashing creativity! Our programs are designed to accommodate children of all ages and abilities, ensuring they stay fully engaged while giving teachers the opportunity to relax or join in the fun.

Each child is equipped with a drum and our experienced facilitators guide them through an immersive journey of rhythmic exploration. Through a series of engaging and therapeutic games, children experience the power of music in a deeply meaningful way.

Our drumming sessions are intuitive, spontaneous, and easily accessible, allowing for boundless creativity and self-expression within a structured, proven framework.

What's Covered in Our Programs?

  • Musicality: Explore rhythm, beats, and musical expression.
  • African Culture: Learn about the rich heritage and traditions of African drumming.
  • Resilience: Discover resilience through rhythmic challenges and teamwork.
  • Social Engagement & Interaction: Foster social skills and collaboration through group activities.
  • Stress Relief: Experience the therapeutic benefits of drumming for stress relief.
  • Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness and presence through rhythmic meditation.
  • Mental Health: Promote mental well-being through the uplifting power of music.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of rhythm, connection, and learning!


Event Options:

  • African Drumming
  • Body Percussion
  • Vocal Percussion
  • Groove Tubes 


One-off Events

InRhythm's one-off school drumming workshops are nothing short of spectacular! Whether it's a single class, a year group, a stage group, or the entire school coming together, our interactive drumming events are designed to engage, captivate and inspire.

Each child is provided with a drum and is instantly engaged through a series of interactive games and techniques. The simplicity and power of our drumming sessions create a memorable experience for everyone involved.


6-10 Week Drumming Course

Our 6-10 week drumming course is designed to engage, educate, and bring out the best in every child. Through a series of fun and captivating rhythm combinations, children learn to play as a cohesive group, enhancing their social skills and musical abilities.

Throughout the course, participants work towards a performance piece, culminating in an optional showcase for family and/or the entire school community. This performance opportunity not only fosters a sense of accomplishment but also encourages focus and dedication among the students.

Join us for a transformative journey where rhythm, teamwork, and achievement converge to create lasting memories and skills!


Some Research Articles:

Drumming Heals Anxiety and Depression

Coping with Transition

Drumming For Development

Benefits of Children Drumming


Embrace the Opportunity

With a drum in each child's hands, we'll embark on a magical and exciting journey that transcends mere fun! Our events are highly educational and ideal for nurturing social skills, boosting confidence, enhancing self-esteem, reducing stress, and much more.

Within minutes, we transform your entire group or school into a synchronized ensemble playing incredible rhythms together, fostering connection and a sense of well-being. Join us for an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impact on students' lives.

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"Best Activity? Drumming: Entire Camp participated in the drumming.
Feedback was that it was the BEST ever activity they have done." 
~ Camp Quality


When to use:

  • Special Events: Our events are perfect if you have a special event and need to motivate the group.
  • Assembly: You may consider holding a drumming event at assembly to stimulate the students so that you can deliver your message
  • Performance Events
  • Mindfulness & Mental Health


We provide local School African Drumming Incursions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth | Australia Wide!

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