Team Building Ideas

We bring exciting ideas to progressive companies and teams throughout Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia

The event ideas below can be used for any size group as a 5-60 minute icebreaker / wake up / energiser event - to full day team building or leadership program.  No previous rhythm experience is required...

Here are a sample of successful team building ideas for groups of any size that start working within minutes.

team building ideas

InRhythm Group Drumming

Every team member gets a drum or percussion instrument and becomes part of a musical ensemble. Our professional facilitators connect people within minutes. Our events have seen thousands of companies throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore get InRhythm.

InRhythm Body Percussion

This unique team building event uses the body as a source of percussion. It's a lot of fun and a very versatile way to connect your team. We have successfully brought this powerful event to many clients including Dell, Macquarie Bank, Kimberley Clarke, Monsanto, Optus and more.

Body percussion is the creation of percussive sounds using body movements and body parts exclusively. As an art form, it is very old. Probably one of the first expressions of music and dance.

InRhythm Vocal Percussion

The same principal as body percussion except that everyone uses their voice to create simple powerful and immensely fun rhythms. Sub groups create different vocal rhythms and we combine these rhythms together to create a truly unique sound for the group. This event is always a hit, heaps of fun and very effective at energizing the team. Works with any size group.

InRhythm Mindfulness & Meditation

The beauty of our Rhythm, Body-Percussion and African Drumming sessions are their accessibility, and ease with which they quickly connect a team and unveil the feeling of joy. By integrating our unique mindfulness meditations, our event formats aim at equipping participants with tools that can help improve the ongoing daily experience of life. 

InRhythm Boomwhackers

Every person gets a tube that makes a musical note when hit with the hand. The tubes have a different musical note depending on its length. They can be combined to make amazingly beautiful music. With the group divided into sub groups we guide them to make rhythms that compliment each other. Boomwhackers are very simple to use, a lot of fun and very effective in bringing any group together within minutes.

We are constantly creating new ways to get InRhythm.

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team building ideas

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team building ideas

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team building ideas

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team building ideas

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Client Testimonials



Drumming and meditation both have a somewhat large and growing amount of research that reveal numerous therapeutic effects. Both are powerful catalysts for healing and personal growth. Many of the ben...
Researchers in London have found evidence of a surprisingly effective treatment for anxiety and depression, one that even alters the inflammatory immune responses that may underlie these disorders.Che...
‘We moderns are the last people on the planet to uncover what older cultures have known for thousands of years: The act of drumming contains a therapeutic potential to relax the tense, energize the ti...
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