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Align with the School Curriculum

Our high school drumming incursions can align with your school curriculum in various ways, promoting a well-rounded educational experience that integrates music and cultural learning. Here's how it can align with the curriculum:

  1. Creative Arts Syllabus (Music): Drumming incursions can connect with the Creative Arts curriculum by fostering students' creativity, musical expression, and performance skills. Students can learn rhythm, timing, and the principles of musical composition, all of which are key components of the music curriculum.

  2. Cross-Cultural Understanding: Drumming incursions often feature instruments from different cultures, introducing students to diverse musical traditions. This aligns with the curriculum's focus on cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of the arts from various backgrounds.

  3. Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education (PDHPE): Drumming promotes physical activity and can be a part of the PDHPE curriculum, emphasizing the importance of coordination and rhythm in physical health.

  4. Interdisciplinary Learning: Drumming can be integrated into various subjects, such as history (learning about the origins of specific drums), geography (studying the cultures where these drums originate), and even mathematics (exploring rhythm as a mathematical concept).

  5. Teamwork and Communication: Drumming incursions often involve group activities that encourage teamwork, cooperation, and communication, all of which are essential life skills and align with the curriculum's focus on general capabilities.

  6. Cultural Studies: If the drumming incursion includes a component on the cultural significance of the instruments and rhythms, it can align with curriculum areas focusing on cultural studies and indigenous perspectives.

  7. Assessment and Skill Development: Teachers can use drumming incursions as a practical way to assess students' skills, understanding, and creativity, in line with the curriculum's assessment objectives.

  8. Cross-Stage Learning: Drumming incursions can be adapted for different age groups and stages, making them versatile for primary and high schools.

We look forward to collaborating with you to tailor the experience to your school's specific curriculum goals. We ensure a meaningful and educational experience for your students.


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