Great reasons to choose InRhythm

1. Guaranteed

You have our absolute commitment. We are so confident about what we do that we offer you our unbeatable guarantee.

2. Exceptional service

The InRhythm team is committed to creating a care free event for you that goes way beyond your expectations. We want to support you in every way we can to ensure this happens.

3. World Class facilitators

Every InRhythm facilitator is professionally trained and guided to ensure that every event is outstanding. Facilitators not only learn how to get people in rhythm they also understand the secrets that bring people together and how to unlock the unlimited potential in each person.

4. Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia

We can reach you regardless of where you hold your event. We can also tie into any events you have in these countries.

5. Your event is unique

We listen closely to your desired objectives and outcomes and ensure that the event we create far exceeds your expectations.

6. Adding outrageous value

We can offer great gifts for each participnat such as drums, T Shirts and more that can support the objectives of your event and to further reinforce the impact and message you wish to make.

7. Everyone will feel great

Because it works.

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Success Stories

We have created successful events for teams of all sizes from all over the world. From fresh team building ideas through to high impact motivational events, icebreakers, launches, and WOW factor drumming entertainment. Australia, Indonesia, Singapore
team building

team building

Imagine this ...

Can you imagine absolutely everyone drumming at your next company event within minutes, fully engaged, smiling and creating harmonious music together? ...Even the most conservative of the group...

team building

team building

Team Building

A fresh selection of world class team building events that serve multiple objectives.

Team Building

Icebreakers, Energizers, Staff Motivation



Successful teams, successful companies, loyal staff and more...


InRhythm Advantage

Passionate people making all the difference. Australia, Indonesia, Singapore.

InRhythm Advantage

“When people drum, something happens to their brain that only happens when people are drumming together or when people are in deep meditation,” he explained. “The brain usually operates with either th...
Hear the beat of the drum and notice the tapping of your feet, your hands your body to the rhythm. When you hear a drum beat….you automatically entrain to its rhythm! What a powerful healing tool. Rep...
On World Mental Health Day and in Australia we spend a whole week (a month in NSW) sharing awareness and education around the effects of mental illness and the profound impact positive mental health c...