Body Percussion Online Training


Whats Included...

- 6 Simple, Fun & Therapeutic Body percussion Routines/Lesson Plans

- Rhythm Circle Facilitation Language and Technique

- Analogies and Discussion ideas

- 2 InRhythm Backing Tracks (They hold the groove for you)

- InRhythm Certificate of Achievement 

Benefits Body Percussion.

  • Rhythm Regulates the Brain & Nervous System [2]
  • Focuses Attention with Short 5 - 20 min Lessons
  • Taps into the Power of Presence
  • Improves Concentration
  • Releases Stress & Tension
  • Helps Improve Social Skills
  • Develops Community
  • Provides a Safe Space for Creative Expression
  • Its a Whole Lot of FUN! 


Spread the benefits of Rhythmic Regulation, Positive Psycology, Group Connection & Creative Expression.

Embrace the Possibilities for Your Students, Clients & Family today!

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Why, How, What?

This program will empower you to help participants have fun regulating their nervous system while shifting perspectives from competition and fear to Cooperation & Joy

The Body Percussion Sessions are meditative and mindful, provide a safe space for communion, elicit the natural state of presence and bring forth an experience of Unity and Joy.

Rhythm Regulates the Nervous System & Brain, calming the stress response and awakening our cognitive capacities.[2]

Once cognitive capacities are available, Analogy and Discussion can provide a shift in understanding that allows change in our perspectives. 

This is a self paced course - Complete the lessons in the comfort of your home or office.  

Sample of Backing Track 1

{audio}InRhythm_BP_Backing_Track_Series_2_SAMPLE.mp3{/audio} Track Sample (Try walking to the beat with this track -  be patient if on slow connection) 

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Tim & The InRhythm Team

[2] Rhythm Regulates the Brain - Bruce Perry MD Article: “We must regulate people, before we can possibly persuade them with a cognitive argument or compel them with an emotional affect. “The only way to move from these super-high anxiety states, to calmer more cognitive states, is rhythm,”

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