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Interactive team building & wellness programs that unify & empower. 
For groups of any size, Australia wide.... Bring out the best in your team!

Benefits of Team Drumming

Rhythm is an inherent part of our make up. Drumming for Team Building is an incredible way to harness its power to unite & celebrate your team! 
The rhythms and formulas we use are unique & highly accessible. The many benefits of InRhythm group drumming include....

• A Boost in Energy 
• Releases Stored Tension & Stress
• Motivates & Inspires
• Transcends Unhealthy Competition 
• Builds Community
• Relieves Anxiety & Depression 
• Improves Social Interaction 
• Helps Make Your Conference FUN!

• Explores Positive Leadership
• Helps Increase Confidence 
• Promotes Creative Expression 
• Utilises the Power of Mindfulness
• Unveils the Natural State of Joy 
• Creates a Safe Space for Discussion  
• Explores Team Building & Group Harmony
• Develops Healthy & Happy Attitudes 

When to Use

Team Building
Powerful, direct experience of successful team collaboration & synergy, with 100% participation. Always a hit! We deliver leading team building drumming workshops Australia wide! 

Warm up the room with our super engaging icebreakers that will invigorate & unite your delegates before the launch into your conference content!..... Imagine this

Team Leadership 
Our unique interactive leadership programs provide the perfect platform to explore all of your desired outcomes. Effective, powerful facilitation & leadership is the cornerstone to the success of our programs.

Mindfulness & Mental Health
Team wellness sessions that focus on the power of present moment awareness to help us discover our innate access to resilience, release stress & anxiety, connect with colleagues, express our creativity & find fulfilment in whatever we're doing.

Team Celebration 
Let us bring the party to you! Interactive celebration is our specialty... Give your team the gift of connection, laughter & team bonding. Send them into the festive season uplifted, united & inspired!

Conference Energiser 
We'll have your delegates engaged, refreshed & activated within minutes. Our energisers are second to none! With drums & percussion instruments we connect your team in a powerful & fun way so that they are present, on task, open for the remainder of your event & into the workplace!

What Our Clients Say

"The session absolutely exceeded all expectations; it was one of the big highlights from the day & feedback from the Coaches was incredible....Thank you so much, you’re onto something amazing here!” ~ Cassie | UBS

BOOM BA BOOM Ratatatatatatat!
 The team, to their surprise, hears the sounds of drums echo throughout the room........

"Yesterday was so awesome and uplifting, everyone LOVED it. Thank you so much, great job!........."

You have our absolute commitment. We are so confident about what we do that we offer you our unbeatable guarantee....

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