InRhythm Student Performance @ Avoca Beach Markets

InRhythm Student Performance @ Avoca Beach Markets


Avoca Beachside Markets showcases more than 120 stalls each month of the highest standard, individually selected, bespoke and a huge emphasis on local and upcoming coast designers and artists and offer many categories to pick from on the day including clothing, jewellery, recycled goods, upcycled furniture, homewares, eco products and so much more.

Bring your family & friends to celebrate the sepcial community bonding nature of African Drumming.

Next courses:


19 Oct - 7 December (8 weeks)

7 - 8.30pm | 2/17 Kerta Road, Kincumber | $190

KIDS COURSE (8 – 13yrs)

19 Oct - 7 December (8 weeks)

6 – 6.45pm @ Neon Garage | $100


17 Oct - 5 December (8 weeks)

7 - 8.30pm | 221 Wattle tree Rd, Holgate | $190

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Event Details

Event Date 25-09-2016
Event End Date 25-09-2016 11:30 am
Cost Free

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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