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The Power of Rhythm!

Our world is changing faster than anyone could have imagined, there are growing tensions as there have been unexpected election results, there is protest to some of the greatest injustices we have ever seen, there are wars and conflicts globally. Such disruptions and tensions can make people feel unstable, stressed and can effect them both mentally and physically. How can we deal with all of this, not shut ourselves away and remain open and trusting and be in unison with those around us?

Rhythm offers an incredible way of relaxing, it can help us to grow, overcome our stress and inner tension and open to the ebb and flow of life. In taking on this valuable lesson, our minds can become more resilient and present so that we can deal with these extreme life situations remaining calm, present and active.

InRhythm workshops offer therapy and coaching to find inner peace and also to come together as one organically and rhythmically. Drumming and rhythm promotes emotional, mental and physical health and well-being.

Rhythm is the central power of our life; it connects us all. There is a powerful source of rhythmic knowledge in every human being, and as we find our way back to this ancient wisdom, we unite with the essence of our life.Reinhard Flatischler from his book The Power of Rhythm

What is the healing power of rhythm? Here are a few question to ask yourself to find out the answer: Do you liveinside the rhythm or does the rhythm live inside of you? For thousands of years rhythm has been the great identifier of cultures and connections. But is there more to rhythm than meets the skin? Whats inside the skin and how deep does it go? How far does rhythm travel? Does it travel in or out or both? The healing power of rhythm projects from inside the body, inside the organs, inside the cells.Steven Angel

We know that when we are in snyc with others, our environment, ourselves! that we feel better, we operate on a more efficient level and we are healthier and happier. When there is chaos and upset, we are the opposite. We want to teach our teachers the power of rhythm (Book in for our Facilitator Training now) and the effects it can have on their students - how they will be more ready to learn, more open to knowledge and work more cohesively as a group. Read more about our school incursions here.

Watch the video below to see how Scientists in the US have explored the healing power of rhythm.


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"So the idea is if we can teach the brain how to become a better timing machine, better rhythmically, that you, your brain can perform at a more optimal level and it will translate into how you interact with the world around you and lead to a better quality of life." Neurologist Adam Gazzaley

Source: Reinhard Flatischler - The Power of Rhythm -

Scientists explore the healing power of Rhythm:


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