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Bali Drumming & Mindfulness Retreat

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Presence In Rhythm, Ubud, Bali

5th-10th July 2015 (6 nights)

Tim Orgias and Nicole Turner-Butler invite you to BALI to share a mindful drumming and yoga experience.

A recognition that peace is at our core.


Join Tim Orgias forthis unique offering - the opportunity to awaken to your true inner nature on the beautiful island named BALI.Tim takes us on a journey of transformative  mindfulness practices integrated with enlivening and meditative drumming.BOOM BOOM BOOM Ra tatatatatatat BOOM!

This cultural and delightful retreat is hosted by Nicole and her Balinese family. Our special guest is Made Sumantra, a Balian (healer) and founder of Yoga in the Balinese tradition -  Pasraman  Markandeya Yoga


Nicole has been hosting popular group experiences  in Bali for 7 years, living her passion of sharing Bali and Yoga, and has a beautiful Balinese family to share with you. Nicole teaches nurturing yoga classes on the Central Coast.

Tim founded InRhythm in 1999. InRhythm's core belief is'we are all rhythmic beings living in a rhythmic world, and it flows,when we all feel our connection in presence through rhythm and drumming we feel great & unveil our natural joy. It's really that simple From humble beginnings InRhythm has now become an international company.


Early Bird Offer $1250 twin-share.  ($400 deposit before 15/2/15 to secure)                       


Contact Nicole  | M:0404842601  |  E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


team building



Other InRhythm InSpired Retreats

InRhythm InSpired Retreats are the perfect way to check in and nurture those parts of yourself that are overlooked in your everyday life. Bringing our loving attention to these parts of ourselves can reignite your purpose and reinvigorate the joy of being alive!

InRhythm InSpired Retreats is run by Aimie Orgias and caters for everything from Drumming & Mindfulness to Wisdom to Mother & Daughter Retreats.

Please call Aimie on 0408 082 027 if you would like to discuss retreat options or make suggestions for they type of retreat you would like to attend.

The list to the right hand side will take you to info on current retreats available. 

Dell hit Bali for an InRhythm energiser and drummi...


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