• Hi Guys, Thanks for registering and welcome to the InRhythm Facilitators  private group!    This is your space to discuss and share all things related to your drumming facilitation with the other participants of the training course you have completed.    It is also where you will find your 'further resources' and updates to existing resources.   I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you and evolving with you as we all grow!   Tim | InRhythm    

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(More: Corporate-Drumming-Team-Building  ) Drumming and rhythm is a universal language.  As a team bonding idea drumming has taken the corporate world by storm. It defies genre, culture, race and soci...
Drumming is an ancient and universal technique that is valued for its therapeutic effects and its ability to heal the mind, body and soul . And because of its wordless expression, it allows people to ...
Many people are now turning to music therapy as a way to soothe their pain instead of looking to other forms of traditional treatments. Group drumming in particular, an ancient practice people have be...