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As well as giving you an in depth introduction to  the skills necessary to successfully hold the space of a meditative drum circle, our Drum Circle Facilitator Program will provide you with a proven formula for both a full 8 Week Program and One Off Sessions, including student performances.

These workshop formulas can be used for a broad range of desired outcomes with virtually any group.

The 8 Week Program

Our 8-week course format is broken down into a week-by-week lesson plan that provides the foundation to guide participants on a profound journey of self-discovery.

It’s all about providing a safe space within which life’s issues can be explored in a fun, easy and constructive way.

The Drumming, Body-Percussion and Rhythms we use are highly accessible, quickly connect any group, and easily unveil a natural sense of joy.

By integrating our unique mindfulness meditations, this format aims at equipping participants with tools that can help improve the ongoing daily experience of life.

It has the true potential to transform lives and relationships by helping participants discover, connect, share, create, and express.

Full program details given on booking your seat in one of our Upcoming Sessions

The One Off Sessions

The One Off Session formula is also extremely versatile and can be used for a multitude of desired outcomes.

Sometimes all that is needed to help a group of people resolve communication issues is to break down the barriers and see each other in a new light, even just once.

Sometimes we just want to bring a group together to have FUN with each other!

Sometimes it is a really good idea to dive deeply together into the direct experience of the present moment.

With the completion of our Drum Circle Facilitator Training you will have the confidence and freedom to use the program as you please in variety of one off session options.

Already Participated in Drum Circle Training?

Regardless of any previous drum circle training you may have received, the unique & proven approach of the InRhythm training will be a comprehensive and highly beneficial addition to your skill set.

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