Melbourne Drum Therapy Facilitator Training April 2020
Apr 11

Melbourne Drum Therapy Facilitator Training April 2020

InRhythm’s Drum Circle Facilitator training can equip you with the skills and resources to lead...


InRhythm’s Drum Circle Facilitator training can equip you with the skills and resources to lead...


    "...I have never felt more open to learning and being inspired. Being able to have a go and make mistakes is a testament to the teaching."

    "...I absolutely LOVED the training - perhaps the best and definitely the most nurturing training I have ever done!"

    "...The InRhythm facilitator training was such a memorable, positive and transformational experience (both professionally and personally)."

    Our Drum Circle Facilitator training is a powerful & unique skill set to add to your mental wellness toolkit. Drumming taps into the inner most soul, our inner most being. Drumming makes us aware, draws our attention to ourselves and our present moment.

    Would you like to understand more about the power of rhythm?

    Are you in need of tools to regulate the brain and capture (slow down) the busy, wandering minds of your students?

    Would you like to learn one of the most valuable lifelong skills - teaching rhythm?

    Is there a diverse range of cultures in your classroom and you need to find a ‘common ground’?

    Take the exclusive resources we will give you and the facilitation skills we will teach you and use them to run powerful ongoing programs within your organisation and/or local community. Our approach is cutting edge and caters for complete beginners through to intermediate participants.

    COST: $750 Full Rate / $650 Early Bird (valid until 3 months prior)



  • Category
    Facilitator Training
  • Date & Time
    Apr 11 2020 at 09:30 AM - Apr 12 2020 at 04:30 PM
  • Location & full address
    Happy Hubbub, Preston Victoria 3072
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    InRhythm Admin
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