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The benefits of team building and why?

Any activity that enables your staff to work together to improve their work lives and their appreciation of each other enables them to work cohesively as a group. This results in a productive, cooperative and motivated team. It is important, no matter what walk of life we come from or what job we do. Read more about the benefits here  

There are numerous benefits and here are just a few: improved team work, communication, leadership, increased fun & morale, bonding, responsibility, trust. Team members can discover that diversity is their greatest asset and that effective communication are the key to a team’s success. The InRhythm sessions not only encourage individual development, but bring all members together to a common ryhthm in unison with eachother.

The sessions are very upbeat and powerful - read some testimonies here.

The benefits for the individuals mental health and wellbeing are numerous and obvious from the outset - within a few minutes everyone is having fun, smiling and joining in with the group. Read more about the benefits for mental health here.


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An InRhythm Body Percussion Session in Manly 2017

How does the drumming work and enable team building?

The drumming activityis merely the means to the end: a high-impact learning and bonding experience. The drumming session is designed to empower individuals to contribute to common goals.

The success of most organisations depends on the ability of management to build effective teams by facilitating the connection of each individual's creativity to the common pulse of the organisation.


The main goals of team-building are to improve productivity and motivation but InRhythm's Corporate Sessions can be altered and designed to reiterate whatever theme is important to the company at that time, be it identifiying long term goals, planning, bonding, leadership values, etc. Doing this type of session can break down personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and enable staff to have fun together.

Why cant teams just bond themselves in the workplace?

While working in an office, employees rarely show their personalities in the same way they do outside the office. This can be due to the pressures of the workplace, or just their natural disposition around other people. At a corporate drumming session with InRhythm, the atmosphere is more relaxed, allowing employees to interact more freely without the work pressure that is usually present. This can allow for building closer relationships between employees, as well as relationships between management and employees. There is less of a hierarchical structure, allowing everyone to feel important and valued, as well as making them feel more free to express their opinions.

Being in the same location day after day can sometimes lend itself to a stagnation in creativity. Just as thinking outside of the box is necessary for creativity, so too being physically outside of your normal “box” is necessary to get the creative juices flowing. The creaetivity of drumming, keeping a beat, showcasing your own rhythmic creation lends itself to an increase in creativity that is necessary in today’s business world.Read more

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