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benefits of drumming

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Drumming and rhythm is a universal language. 

As a team bonding idea drumming has taken the corporate world by storm. It defies genre, culture, race and socio economics.

Drumming circles have been used for 1000s of years to bring people together with a focus on connection, creativity and harmony.

Drumming has also been used to create ceremony, to alert people to news, to improve mental health, as a spiritual practice, and as a tool for healing.

InRhythm's inspired corporate drumming and team bonding ideas will unite your team and leave them feeling a real sense of wholeness, community and achievement.


benefits of drumming

"I have received nothing but positive feedback about the drumming activity. In fact, a few people mentioned that we could have included another drumming activity on the second day of the summit after a particularly difficult session!"  Robyn - Qld Mental Health Commission 


Our team building drumming activities are potent!

They encourage people to transform individually and collectively by creating a safe space in which to explore fresh perspectives.

When this kind of transformation takes place there is only positive growth. In other words as each individual and the group align with a common purpose the easier it is for them to work as a team, enjoy their role, and thrive as individuals.

Try our African drumming for team building as an activity and you will truly witness its ability to empower people!

We offer our team building drumming workshops & activities right across Australia with crews in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Adelaide & Perth!

InRhythm's drumming for teams is a powerful and experiential way of showcasing successful teamwork every time. 100% participation. Always a hit!

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Sunday, 19 January 2020
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